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Frequently Asked Questions

1"I heard your program prints in Spanish, how do I do that"?

Absolutely! Actually we use International Spanish that was translated specifically for us by Attorney Marcelo Agudo and his staff in Miami. The Bi-Lingual printout is a work of art!

When in print view mode of the CSW, look in the upper left corner and click the Primary Language in Red, it initially defaults to English. The dropdown menu will allow you to select English, Spanish, or a Bi-Lingual version that was originally requested by the 13th Circuit Courthouse here in Hillsborough county. Filing the Bi-Lingual version means no one can say they couldn't read the Worksheet. (Update, I recently read that Mr. Agudo has passed away. This was a significant loss to the legal community. Unfortunately, when answering the phone, I will never again hear that thick accented booming and deepest voice imaginable say, "Good morning Trace, it is Marcelo Agudo". Within a split second, my day had just gotten better. He will be dearly missed.)

2"What is the base thought behind your tax module"?

The Tax module is based off IRS calculations, not payroll taxes because of how the Statute is written...

"61.30 (3) Net income is obtained by subtracting allowable deductions from gross income. Allowable deductions shall include: (a) Federal, state, and local INCOME TAX DEDUCTIONS, adjusted for ACTUAL FILING STATUS and allowable dependents and income tax liabilities..." The Exemptions field in the software comes with the number one (1) already in it. That number represents the parent. Therefore you must add the additional dependent(s) to that number. Claiming Two (2) children for one of the parties would require an entry of the number three (3).

3"What does the Data Report do"?

The Data Report is a two page report that shows the Court in detail which fields you answered and with what information.

Because we offer the most simple and accurate Child Support software in the business, we have a lot of Florida Judges that use the software on the bench daily to check and verify calculations quickly. The Report allows them to enter the same figures you did so they can get the same results. The Data Report can be saved in the clients folder and is a free flow text file so you can type annotations etc. to further explain things. Filing a worksheet created in Tools for Law with the Data Report appended to it adds credibility to your case and helps the Court save time.

4"Can the program calculate monthly incomes from gross?

Yes, when in any field that requires a monthly number, striking the F8 key on your F-stops will open the Convertalator©.

Highlight the 0.00 in the field, hit the F8 key and a window will open. In the Base Pay field, enter the amount you know. Then select the option below it to tell the program the time period that number represents. The program will do the appropriate math for you. It is based off 52 weeks divided by 12 as 4.3 weeks in a month is not recognized by the State of Florida. Clicking Apply at the bottom of the window will populate the monthly figure in your originally chosen field.

5"Can the software do Arrearages"?

Yes, above the logo in the upper left corner of the program, you will see the year in red the software is updated to.

Clicking on the year drops down a hidden window. In this window, you will see all the previous years the software will revert back to. Select the first year of the arrearage and run your child support. Then do the same for each subsequent year to get your totals.