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Our Story

Since 2004, Tools for Law provides the most accurate calculations

Tools for Law is the fastest Gross or Net Income to Child Support calculator available. It allows you to work through accurate solutions like no other divorce software. Generate Net Figures from Gross Income for One or Both parties. This feature enables you to create “what-if” scenarios, even when you only have partial information. The program is designed to calculate child support from Gross or Net Income figures.

The Most Simple Tax Tool in the Industry – Our Florida Income Tax Calculator is amazingly simple, yet offers selections only the most elite tax programs contain. These options give more flexibility than any other package available to the Florida Family Law Community. Tools for Law can also generate Net Alimony Tax Ramifications faster than any alimony module you can buy. In our EZ Tax calculator, Tax Computations are controlled by you and NOT required to be used in order to compute Child Support. We have separate selectable options for Child Credit and Earned Income Credit, which could make a substantial difference to a Florida Child Support computation.

Once you get agreed upon net incomes, you will create perfect Florida Child Support worksheets every time with this divorce planning software. We stand by our calculations, ready and willing to prove to anyone that the Florida Child Support payments generated by Tools for Law, conform precisely with 61.30 of the Florida Statute. There are ZERO rounding issues like other so-called competing programs. If an opposing counsel has a different payment than you, then they need to find what they did wrong as yours are literally "perfect".
We challenge any software to be more accurate, no matter the company or agency. We calculate actual Rotating Custody which is 50/50. Just enter 182.5 in one of the parties overnights box to calculate. Most use 183/182 when calculating but tell you they are doing 50/50. There is a difference! The State Child Support Guidelines do not round up payments and neither do we. Do not accept “Just get close”. Please check the software you use now for accuracy, then check the company, lastly, check with your Judges to see what they use!

Tech Support, not only is the software a tool, but our support is a tool as well. We are proficient at installing and using the program. Our support actually knows how the software works within the framework of the law. What does the support department you deal with know and what kind of questions do they have the ability to answer? We do not charge for support or have to hold training classes. Don't forget, the program is intuitive as well as simple to use, literally.

Data Report Worksheet – Our Data Report Sheet is the best supporting document for your Florida Child Support Worksheet in the industry. There is not another program that provides as much detailed information before you edit the report than ours and yes, you can edit the report to fit virtually any Florida Child Support Guidelines case you will encounter.

Preview Multiple Worksheets – The Tools for Law “Preview Stacking Tool” gives you the ability to click and view all of your different proposed scenarios without having to print them.
Print in English and Spanish – Tools for Law is the only Legal software in the United States that prints in English, International Spanish, and and a work of art Bi-Lingual version.

Get the program for FREE!

Download the 10 day free trial and use it on a real case. The worksheet printout is not watermarked so you can actually file it. Time is money. This thing is so fast, accurate, and simple, we just made you the money that it costs to purchase a license. The annual license fee is about one (1) billable hour a year.

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